Mayor, Clerk & Village Board

The Village Board is comprised of six trustees who are elected at-large for 4-year terms. The terms overlap, with 3 trustee positions elected every two years. This ensures some carryover and continuity in experience and background on the Board at all times. 

The Village President (the title “Mayor” and “Village President” are interchangeable) is elected at-large and for a 4-year term.  The Mayor, by state statute and local ordinances, has additional duties such as holding the position of Liquor Control Commissioner, and serving as official signatory for certain Village expenditures.

Together, the Mayor and Trustees constitute the 7-member “Corporate Authorities” of the Village of Milan.  By Illinois state statute, some votes are by the Board of Trustees (6 voting with the Mayor capable of breaking a tie vote) and others are by the Corporate Authories (7 voting which includes the Mayor).

The eighth elected office is the Village Clerk.  That position is also a 4-year term, and is elected on the same election cycle as the Village President (Mayor). Addition information can be found on the Clerk’s page on this website.

Elected Officials Contacts