Planning Commission

The following information is based upon Title 2, Section 2-4-3 of the Milan Municipal Code, Ordinance 469 & 652.

Established 1961, to guide, direct and control the growth and development or re-development of the village of Milan and it’s contiguous territory.

The Commission is responsible for preparing and recommending to the Village Board a comprehensive advisory plan. The plan may establish standards of subdivisions and of public improvements including:

Location, dimensions and surfacing of public streets and sidewalks
Street Lights
Parks and Playgrounds
Water supply and distribution
Sanitary sewers, sewerage collection and treatment facilities
Storm drainage

Other duties include recommending zoning classification for annexation of land to the Village and facilitating public understanding regarding the Commission’s activities. When making decisions concerning projects for improvements and development policies, the Planning Commission services in an advisory capacity to the Village Board of Trustees.

The nine (9) members are appointed for three (3) year terms by the Village President with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees.

Commission Members