Village of Milan, Illinois

Pre-Filing Notice

Notice is hereby given that the office of Milan Village Clerk Barbara L. Lee will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. beginning November 21, 2016 through November 28, 2016 for the purpose of accepting candidate petitions or certificates for the 2017 Primary election to be held on February 28, 2017 for the following offices.  1. Village President, 1 Village Clerk and 3 Village Trustees.

Information regarding Yellowbooks Quad Cities IA/IL Directory

Residents can opt out of receiving a Yellowbooks IA/IL Directory by following this link: Opt out of Yellowbooks


The Village Clerk may provide for the removal of weeds and/or grass over TEN (10) inches in height on private property within the Village when the owner of such property, after reasonable notice, refuses or neglects to cut said weeds or grass.  Reasonable notice shall consist of one (1) publication of this section in a newspaper of general circulation within the Village in addition to the following.  When the property owner has been notified of a violation of this section during the previous growing season, the property owner shall be notified by letter at the beginning of the current season of the property owner’s obligation to provide for the cutting of weeds or grass on the property.  The notice shall constitute reasonable notice for the entire growing season.  When the property owner has not been notified of a violation of this section during the previous growing season, the property owner shall be provided, by letter, a ten-day time period in which to arrange for the removal of weeds and grass currently in violation of this section.  This letter will constitute reasonable notice for the remainder of the growing season.  If subsequent violations are observed during the same growth season, the grass and weeds will be cut immediately and the owner will be billed for the cost thereof.  Further penalties shall apply per Chapter 4 of Title 5 and Section 1-4 of the Milan Municipal Code.
Barbara L. Lee
Milan Village Clerk

2015 Annual Water Quality Report

The 2015 Annual Water Quality Report is now available. See it here.



Cross Connection Form
Now Available Online

Village of Milan 2016 Holiday Schedule

The Village of Milan 2016 Holiday Schedule with dates closed and alternative waste pickup dates may be viewed here.

Village of Milan Recycling Schedule

Not sure when your recycling is scheduled for pick up? Click here for both route schedules. Please note, if you live in the Conservancy addition, your residence is on the NORTH route.
For additional information, please contact Allied Waste at (563) 332-0050, or at their website.

Available Land and Buildings

Interested in locating or expanding your business in the Village of Milan? Our community has a diversified inventory of existing buildings and land prime for development, many of which have incentives available that can be tailored for your project. For more information please click on the link below, or call our Economic Development Department at (309) 787-8506.
Check out our newly redesigned available land and building list.

Village Code is online

The Village of Milan is proud to announce that our Village Code is now available online. Codifying ordinances provides an understandable and cross-referenced compilation of the ordinances enacted over the years. Putting the Code online provides for fast and convenient lookup by all. We hope that this will be an effective resource for our residents, businesses and all others interested in our village.
View the Village Code

Village of Milan Board Meeting